Model and measurement studies on stages of prosthetic gait.



In the current thesis, data of TF subjects, data of AB subjects with a kneewalker prosthetic device and 2D inverse and forward dynamics mathematical models are used to investigate the influence of prosthetic limb properties and the interaction with the floor and obstacles. In chapter 1 - Gait initiation, we describe how the position of the CoP, the CoM and orientation of the GRF are used for gait initiation. Chapter 2 - Weight bearing focuses on loading weight and weight bearing on the prosthetic limb and producing an adequate external moment of force on the knee. Moving the prosthetic limb and making use of ground friction to get foot clearance are described in chapter 3 - Prosthetic limb swing. Chapter 4 - Gait termination handles the gait termination process and the consequences of prosthetic limb properties. In chapter General discussion we discuss the findings, predictions, implications, limitations and future direction of research and expectations.


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